Monday, June 12, 2017

Adjusting to using a cane

About 2 years ago the Neuro PA I see told me that I am a "fall risk" due to a whole bunch of issues. But pride has held me back. I now started to walk with a cane, realized a fall and an ER visit would be a far bigger issue than a bit of imagined injured pride. Today the weather is gorgeous in upstate NY so I decided to try taking the bus to the "big" Walmart while using my cane and my little rolling cart. First time trying it for this trip. I am thrilled that I did ok, though I did drop the cane and it fell on a guy's leg...he was kind and understanding. I have a sense of victory because I accomplished this feat of navigation! Staying mobile and as independent as possible for a good long while is my goal.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Well, we have a 45th President now. And he's unusual, to say the least. Safe to say my social and political worldviews are polar opposite from his. And I do have trepidations for sure. But because I'm "in this U.S.A. boat" with him, unless I wish to sink along with everyone else, I have to wish him success in governing our country. I'll keep watching and studying and writing Letters to the Editor and posting on social media as his term in office continues. I pray that he and his advisors and Cabinet will listen to and care about the needs of their fellow countrymen and women. Not just their fellow rich folks, but those of us on low incomes, SNAP, Medicaid, etc. We do matter, most of us have held jobs and contributed to the economy. But those who have not been able to do that matter too. We ALL matter, we ALL deserve good governance. Here's hoping and praying for it.