Tuesday, September 16, 2014

"Outdoor Kitty"

This is Outdoor Kitty, aka Lovey. For over 2 years I've been providing food, water, and now there is a basic little shelter, too. But he is not "mine", he only just started letting humans touch him this Summer. And I can't stand the idea of him spending another terrible Winter outside. I plan to get him to a shelter by 12/1/14, God and "Sky Cat" willing! If another person wanted to take him, that would be even nicer, but no takers so far. The dilemma of those of us who care for strays...we grow to love them and care about them, but they are not "ours". I will do what I can to keep him warm, alive and safe.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Still Loving Retirement

Still love retirement. Though I'm on a very fixed, very low income, my body, mind and spirit are so much happier and "healthy" than when I was pushing myself every day, all day. I am on SNAP and Medicaid, so very grateful for these survival necessities. I spend only what is necessary, and don't miss "shopping just to shop." I used to have to buy clothes for work, food for work, snacks for work...pay for transportation to and from work. All, done and over with. By 2:30 or 3:00PM every weekday, I was in pain and exhausted. Though my chronic spine and bone and joint issues will always exist, now I move at my own pace and at my own ability to do so. I discarded all the emails to and from my employers when I was employed, that I had saved "just in case", all gone now! My primary had predicted these changes would occur, bless him! I go to some free classes at the local Senior Center, very nice. My days are spent with my wonderful kitties, and I stay in touch with the world every day, online. PBS and NPR are my constant companions. This is not a bad life, at all. I am blessed with great family, friends and neighbors, who assist with transportation when necessary. I thank God each and every day!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Life in early stages of retirement

I do love being retired. Not much money at all, but not even concerned about it, so far. I just need enough to live on, and that's enough. I love getting up each day with my 2 kitties, taking care of feral Outdoor Kitty, as much as she allows, only food, water and pleasant daily greetings. And I go to the local Sr. Center a few days a week, it is free and is my very near neighbor, lucky me! I take a couple of classes there, will add more, I'm sure, as time goes on. My poor, tired, achy body loves this slower, "at my own pace" lifestyle. I am a very contented old gal!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

It is a sunny, cold day here in upstate NY. I am thankful for my son, my sister, my brother, my wonderful kitties, my friends and extended family too. My Thelma kitty is in the midst of a health problem, a tumor on her paw, it must be removed. So I'm praying that it is not malignant...but all in all, this is a good day, much to be thankful for....good food, good family, good friends.....when so many in the world are without even the basic necessities of life. Prayers for the world, and prayers of gratitude for what I do have today.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Day off from work

YAYYY!!! I'm not at work, on a Friday in August. Even though I have appointments today for my Sweetpea kitty and me, it is lovely not to be in the workday grind. Little bits of samples of what retirement may be like next year...that's what days off are to me. Maybe I'll work part time, but this 5 days every week, all day plus the commute from Schenectady to Albany and back is beating me down daily. My poor body is begging for relief!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Home sick until next Monday

Home with miserable sinus infection, bronchitis and asthma. Glad I went to the dr. yesterday, was headed to pneumonia, now on the right meds. Pushing fluids, drinking herbal teas with honey, not very hungry yet. Very tired, so glad for my 2 kitties, good company.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

We are a 2 cat family again

We are a 2 cat family again. I had 2 wonderful cats, Thelma and Louise, since getting them from my son in November 2007. Louise had to be euthanized last December, due to liver disease. So for about 8 months it has been just Thelma and me. But I have adopted the sweet little stray that has been living in my backyard since May. I have been providing food and water daily, trying to decide my next move, before the coming of cold weather. After driving my friends and family crazy dithering about this, I tried picking her up last Friday evening. SUCCESS! On Monday evening, after work, I brought her inside. On Thursday, my wonderful vet checked her out and gave her the necessary shots. She has adapted beautifully, some hissing and growling, to be sure, between Thelly and Sweetpea. That's the name I gave her, quite a while ago. Last night, both kitties slept on my bed with me, one at each end of the bed. I am so delighted to have this sweetie in the family!