Saturday, September 1, 2012

We are a 2 cat family again

We are a 2 cat family again. I had 2 wonderful cats, Thelma and Louise, since getting them from my son in November 2007. Louise had to be euthanized last December, due to liver disease. So for about 8 months it has been just Thelma and me. But I have adopted the sweet little stray that has been living in my backyard since May. I have been providing food and water daily, trying to decide my next move, before the coming of cold weather. After driving my friends and family crazy dithering about this, I tried picking her up last Friday evening. SUCCESS! On Monday evening, after work, I brought her inside. On Thursday, my wonderful vet checked her out and gave her the necessary shots. She has adapted beautifully, some hissing and growling, to be sure, between Thelly and Sweetpea. That's the name I gave her, quite a while ago. Last night, both kitties slept on my bed with me, one at each end of the bed. I am so delighted to have this sweetie in the family!